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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: A Guide to Success

What is an Affiliate Marketer? This just means that you will sell someone else's product or service in trade of a commission.

 Affiliate marketing is a huge industry with plenty of money to be made, but there is a phenomenal learning curve that goes along with it as well.

All the information that you need can certainly be found on the web for free, that's right it doesn't have cost you a dime.

You will need to learn how to pick a good product, how to do keyword research, where to put your keywords on your site, and how to build a site.. oh and I almost forgot you will also need to know how to market your site.

Now as I said these things can be found for free online, but of course there is a bit of a downside to taking this route.

  • Not Knowing Where to Begin
  • Not Knowing Who's Information to Trust
  • Information Over Load  
  • May Take Much Longer
  • Learn Most Things the Hard Way
  • No One to Assure You That You're Doing Right 

Why is it Important to find Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners?

I have spent many years trying to teach myself how to do affiliate marketing. It has been a grueling experience to say the least, but I have learned a tremendous amount of information.

Even after taking the time to figure out how to pick a money making product, wasting years on learning keyword research mostly because there are different ways and different reasons to do kw research,spending numerous nights stuck on building a site to the search engines liking, wasting countless hours bookmarking, and promoting my site, yet I still didn't get the traffic or the ranking I needed to earn money.

Sure I would be lucky enough to make a sale here or there but I knew it could be better. There was always this gnawing feeling deep down inside that I was missing something!

After wasting 6 long years making mistake after mistake I almost threw in the towel... that's when I decided that I had enough of guessing my way around affiliate marketing. I needed help, I needed to learn the right way.

Next I spent tons of time researching products that honestly teach affiliate marketing, without leaving any stone un-turned. I had a hard time choosing from Wealthy Affiliate and Google Sniper 3.

In the end I chose Google Sniper 3, and let me explain why. My objective was to build simple micro niche sites for click-bank products which is exactly what sniper teaches, and it seemed that Wealthy Affiliate was for building more of an authority site.

Since I had taught myself quite a bit on my own it was very easy to follow, but I do believe I could have done it as a complete beginner as well.

George Brown is the instructor and he has created Google Sniper 3 for anyone.. especially beginners to easily understand and use.

There is even a section that shows you a simple way to start making money right from the start. That way you can earn while you are learning.

Using this program for about six weeks now, and it has cleared up a lot of the confusion I had. I have gone from making the occasional sale to earning at least $50.00 per day and that is in just one Sniper Site!

So far I have four sniper sites total and all but one is bringing in consistent sales for me. It takes me about a week to build each one, (it has gotten easier as I go) and I plan on building as many as I can.

Internet marketing is literally a college course, and I do not advise going it alone. You may end up getting it all figured out, but in the end you will have worked much harder than necessary to get to your goals.

Good affiliate marketing programs for beginners are worth as much as gold. You will learn the right way starting from the beginning, and save yourself all of the frustration as well as wasted time.

You do not have to pick Google Sniper 3 or Wealthy Affiliate, just do your research.. make sure that what you are choosing is legit and complete. There are slimy marketers out there just waiting to sell you a program that they know won't work, spend the time and pick the one that you think is best.    

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