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Friday, April 26, 2013

Make Money Online Completing Simple Tasks

Complete Simple Tasks Online and Make Easy Money

You, me, and millions of others are looking toward the internet to help us find ways of making extra money. The problem with this is that most of us have no clue of where to start, making us fair game for the online sharks that are just waiting for new meat to feed upon. I hope this site will be your guide to earning money online with little to no investment on your part other than your time of course.

Today I want to inform you of another free opportunity to make money online, completing simple tasks. This type of work is great for beginners because there is no special technical skills required, just about anyone can do this and like I said it's FREE.

There are many places online that offer jobs such as these, but I have two favorites that I regularly use whenever I have any spare time on my hands.

Now you are not going to get rich using these, you would probably never make enough even between the two to call it a full time job either, but you can use these sites to make extra money easily online.

Okay the two sites I use for completing simple tasks online are called ClickWorker and Mechanical Turk.

Both of these free programs allow you to complete short jobs in trade of cash. They are very similar to each other in terms of use, but you should read over the directions on the individual site before you start so that you completely understand what is expected of you.

Mechanical Turk belongs to Amazon, which we all know is a reputable company. I have used this money maker for the last three years now, and have been paid every time on time. They currently offer payment in two ways, you may choose direct deposit to your bank account or you can get paid through Amazon. If I could improve one thing about this place is that I would ask them to speed up the approvals. Some are done same day while others take three or four days.

ClickWorker is another place that pays as promised. I really like this site too, very simple to navigate through. This one offers payouts through Pay-Pal only right now. Don't let that stop you.. getting a pay-pal account is free, and easy to do as well. Let's see, if I could change one thing about this site I guess I would ask for a larger variety of tasks.

Well now you have two more legitimate sites to add to your money making arsenal. You may not be able to make a bunch of money using any one free online money maker, but you could combine them all for a great extra monthly income.



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